Criminal Defense: Federal Court

In recent years, congress created a system that began with the stated goal of winning the “war on drugs.” It has passed three major crime control bills since 1984 which not only has Congress extended federal jurisdiction over crime control to areas once considered to be within state and local jurisdiction, it has also created the Federal Sentencing Guidelines with severe penalties for criminal behavior already covered by state statutes. Congress abolished parole. Now, in nearly every case, local law enforcement and combined state and federal task forces have the option of going “Federal.” Numerous federal statutes have created multiple criminal penalties in even the most simple drug offense. If you are facing federal charges, it is essential to work with an experienced firm that has a record of successfully defending against federal charges.

Federal Cases

We defend clients against all types of federal crime charges, including:

  • Drug possession and distribution/trafficking
  • Illegal weapons possession and trafficking
  • Violent crimes
  • Capital murder
  • Internet sex crimes
  • White collar crimes

Defending a federal criminal case is a uniquely difficult task that requires special skill and knowledge of the federal system that not all criminal defense attorneys possess. Many criminal defense lawyers will not go to federal court.

However, the law firm of McCamic, Sacco & McCoid has years of experience successfully defending individuals faced with a wide variety of federal criminal charges. McCamic, Sacco & McCoid’s most experienced Federal Criminal Defense attorney Jay T. McCamic, has been the Criminal Justice Act District Representative of the Northern District of West Virginia for a number of years.

He is often asked to teach other lawyers various areas of federal criminal law and death penalty defense and has been an adjunct lecturer at the WVU College of Law and is a frequent speaker at both state and national legal education conferences. If you find yourself the subject of a federal investigation or indictment, call McCamic, Sacco & McCoid.