Defending What Matters Most

If you have a legal question or a pending legal case, you will want the answers and advice from people who have had vast experience in that area and those who are known for their track record of finding successful solutions.

Serving clients in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, our attorneys have built a strong reputation in and around the legal community. We are actively involved in both state and federal courts. Known for our dedicated and success-driven work, our lawyers provide compassionate representation and zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Handling a Wide Range of Legal Matters for Our Clients

Our skillful lawyers have successfully handled the following in both state and federal courts:

Our clients are all very important to us. The attorneys of McCamic, Sacco & McCoid, PLLC, treat each case as their own and will work hard to not only help our clients understand the strengths and weaknesses in their case, but also on how get the best possible outcome. Working one-on-one with our clients, we help them develop a legal strategy unique to their case.